Burden Park Bowling Club Selection Philosophy 2022

The aim of the Burden Park Bowling Club, through the Selection Committee, is to foster the game of bowls, provide competition for players and promote fellowship and respect amongst club members.

To help achieve these goals, the Selection Committee will create competitive teams to seek the best possible results (maximum outcomes) in all competitions.

The committee will encourage players to develop to their full potential. Where practicable, they will provide opportunities for members to participate in varied competitions.

Bowls Secretary

The Bowls Secretary will:

  1. be the representative for Pennant.
  2. liaise with Bowls Victoria on Pennant issues.
  3. develop and maintain a current list of eligible Pennant players.   

 Bowls Coordinator

The Bowls Coordinator will:

  1. liaise with the Bowls Section and selectors re selection.
  2. be responsible for organizing training: individual, group and team
  3. have the responsibility for all decisions regarding competition bowls.

Chairperson of Selectors

At their first meeting, the Selection Committee will elect a chairperson who will be responsible for all matters directed to the Selection Committee and liaise with the Bowls Coordinator.

Chairperson of Selectors will oversee:

  1. the selection process and administrative duties of the Tuesday and Saturday teams.
  2. the selection process to ensure that it is carried out in a fair, unbiased way.


Each selector is appointed for a year. Duties will include:

  1. attending weekly selection meetings to select skips and team members for each Pennant team.
  2. managing Pennant sides and providing appropriate feedback to players.
  3. helping to develop and modify mechanisms for player evaluation such as voting slips.
  4. being aware of Bowls Victoria Rules and Club Regulations.
  5. other duties such as delegating duty rinks and organizing team managers.

Appointment of Selectors (at AGM meeting)

Any financial member wishing to be a selector is required to complete and lodge the official Expression of Interest Nomination Form (Regulation 24.2) by the due date. All nominations will be presented at the AGM for consideration and selection. Should there be more than 5 nominations for the selection committee, financial club members will vote to resolve the situation. Nominations will be ratified at the next BOM meeting. Successful applicants will be notified, as soon as practicable, once the selectors have been chosen. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified as soon as practicable. The Bowls Section reserves the right to notify all financial members of the opportunity to fill any vacant position should the need arise.

Selection Committee Objectives

  1.  Give every player who commits for the entire season as many games as possible.
  2.  Aim to develop players for the future as well as looking for success in the immediate season.  
  3.  Field competitive teams in all divisions to consolidate and/or gain promotion.
  4.  Treat all bowlers with fairness and without discrimination.
  5.  Notify all players of promotion/demotion and give reasons for change.

Selection Criteria

In selecting players to teams the following criteria will be considered:

  1. Commitment to Pennant success at Burden Park Bowling Club.
  2. Performance, ability, competitiveness and current form as demonstrated by pre-season and current bowling practice.
  3. Statistical information as provided by weekly team assessment and score cards.
  4. Physical fitness for a particular role.
  5. Team balance influencing both rink and team selection.
  6. Compatibility with team members will be a consideration.
  7. Individual aspirations.
  8. Attitude of players towards the Club, fellow players and other members.
  9. Training/Practice e.g., at least one training session a week.
  10. Unavailability. If a player is unavailable one week does not automatically mean they will be reselected for the same rink or division.
  11. Post Selection: should a player become unavailable after selection, changes to the team will require a minimum of two selectors, where practicable to agree to changes.

Player Responsibilities

  1. All players shall play in the position chosen by the selectors.
  2. Players unavailable in a forthcoming week are required to enter their name and date of unavailability on the unavailable list on the notice board.
  3. Players withdrawing from a side after selection has taken place must notify selectors as soon as possible.
  4. Players must check on the notice board or website as to where they are playing.
  5. Any concerns regarding selection should be directed to the Chairperson of Selectors for resolution.
  6. If the concern/s cannot be resolved, the Chairperson of Selectors and/or the complaint may refer the concern/s to the Board of Management.
  7. Should a player act in a way that is not befitting of the expected behaviour of Burden Park Bowling Club, then a recommendation can be made by the Selection Committee to the Board. Player(s) involved may not be selected until the matter is dealt with.
  8. For Pennant away games or where there is limited parking, team skips should arrange transport to the away venue for team members, especially for distant clubs and where there may be potential parking problems.

                                        Enjoy Your Bowling